Dear participants,

The StarkNet Lisbon Hacker Building is an event for the community, by the community. The purpose of this event is to help everyone get to know each other, exchange ideas, build together and have fun.

The staff (briq team and Only Dust team) is free to ask any person to leave if his/her attitude should be anything else than benevolent. We will not accept any harassing attitude, any discrimination against a person or a group of people.

We foster a responsible and supportive environment where people treat each other respectfully regardless of origin, education, religion, beliefs, physical ability, gender or sexual identity. If these values are disregarded, we will take action.

Do not aggressively shill. If you are promoting a scam, we will act on it.

We expect all participants to comply with the local laws and respect the building’s rules. If you wouldn’t do something at your house, don’t do it in the hacker building either.

If you witness a participant who’s attitude should have a negative impact on others’ ability to enjoy the week, please let a briq or Only Dust team member know and they will report it to Sylve Chevet or Grégoire Gambatto. We will investigate and act accordingly in order to ensure that our values are upheld.

We value your attendance and well being, do not hesitate to contact the staff that will gladly help you keep you safe and make your stay in Lisbon unique.


briq & Only Dust teams

Actual House rules