Lots of new stuff for briq! The briq community built the first briq game and we released a new version of the builder with copy/paste functionality!


First briq game integration!

test game cryptotrooper.gif

@cryptotrooper used two briq NFT creations and included them inside a walkable game!

You might recognize @RujarojRT’s land of the briq NFT mixed with @cryptotrooper’s own city built with briqs!


You can play by going to https://play.unity.com/mg/other/briqcitytest and walking around the game. Cryptotrooper also created another one here: https://play.unity.com/mg/other/briq-2k98.

Chinese guide to briq!

Our moderator briq123 has written a guide in Chinese to help people onboard with briq. Check it out here! briq hub - 维基 - 中文版

briq team featured inTwitter Space

Sylve, briq’s co-founder, participated in a Twitter space regarding how to build on-chain games.


First time someone uses a briq NFT as a profile picture